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Do you know much about collagen? Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. It provides your skin with structure and maintains strong, healthy bones. Studies have also shown how vital collagen is in the recovery process from injury - I recently wrote a paper on this so do get in touch if you’d like a copy!

Vitamin C-enriched gelatine (cooked collagen) can aid the recovery process by strengthening bones and joints when immobile as literature suggests that nutrients assisting the production of collagen include vitamin C, proline, glycine and copper! Collagen deficiency is usually something athletes and active people don’t struggle with as exercise is known to increase collagen synthesis. However, when injured or immobile it is imperative to incorporate this into your diet. Because collagen combines amino acids, it can be found in protein rich dishes like chicken, beef, fish, beans and eggs to name a few! There’s also plenty of supplements which provide your RDI (recommended daily intake) of collagen, however here at Uni-trition we strongly believe in a ‘food-first’ approach when possible. If you’re taking supplements for practicality reasons make sure you’ve checked he label for ‘Informed Sport’ so you know they’re safe and legal in your sport.

Just some of things you may start to see after incorporating collagen into your diet more:

  • Improvements in skin health

  • Relief of joint pain

  • Osteoporosis prevention

  • Increase in muscle mass

  • Improved heart health

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