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Personalised Nutrition

Our personalised nutrition plans are designed just for you.

Uni-trition bespoke health plans


Personalised nutrition is not a one size fits all approach, we take a very personal and individualistic approach to help you reach your goals and be the best you can, because you are unique!


We customise your nutritional program with a holistic approach by analysing your biometric profile, anthropometrics, goals, activity level and lifestyle factors. Following general dietary guidelines is always a good start but we believe that personalised advice tailored to you specifically is the cornerstone of improved health and we know that this works. We use advanced software called Nutritics to ensure you are positively immersed with accurate and reliable data; your goal is also ours.


We work with you directly to provide bespoke nutrition plans and lifestyle recommendations in friendly and motivational manner.


In addition to helping our Elite Athletes improve their individual performance and wellbeing, these are just some of the areas where personalised Uni-trition plans can help a variety of lifestyle challenges and conditions;


Weight Management


Stess Management

Skin Conditions


Sleeping Disorders

Hormonal Imbalances

Allegies and Intolerances

Digestive conditions

Body Detoxification

Mood Disorders


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Uni-trition Pure Plan

For anyone looking to improve their general wellbeing (Min. 6 weeks)

Our personalised Pure Plans are tailored for your own specific health improvement goals.


It’s our aim to improve your overall wellbeing and help you get the most out of daily life, feeling the best you ever have!


The Pure Plans work in a very similar way to our Athlete programs, but we assess any new or pre-existing conditions to get you on track within a few weeks. We will talk you through our thoughts and offer guidance and encouragement throughout each programme.

Uni-trition Alpha Plan

Specifically designed for the athlete

(min. 6 weeks)

An initial first phase Alpha-Plan is devised around the athletes’ aspirations, specific sporting environment and a unique needs analysis to gain a strong understanding of you as an athlete.


Example of what's included in our 6 Week Alpha Plan: 


  • Initial Consultation 

  • Anthropometric Assessment 

  • Biometric Profile Analysis 

  • Client Goal Analysis 

  • Specialised Diet Plan Creation

  • Daily Support 

  • Post-Plan Review & Results 


    *Please allow 3-5 days post-consultation to construct our quality, personalised plans.

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