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Hi, my name is George Bell, I’ve recently completed my BSc Honours Degree in Sport & Exercise Nutrition. I’m from Yorkshire and I’ve always been very much into sports, health and wellbeing. I played elite level football through school years and later progressed to play semi-pro in the National League. 


I studied in San Jose, California to work towards a Kinesiology degree before realising my true passion was within nutrition, dietetics and general wellbeing. My mission is to improve the health, physical ability and self confidence within the younger generations.


The idea for Uni-trition arose after a few months of starting University, viewing first hand how sport has changed in relation to health and fitness. It's vividly apparent that a large percentage of students are drawn to ‘sporting universities’ to pursue a career in their beloved sport, whilst studying a degree as their plan B. Our goal is to be the stepping stone required, to aid the success of student athletes in their sporting careers. As a result, we also offer ideas and advice for anything from weight loss tips to helping with your assignment! 

This is what really sets us apart. 


But Uni-trition is not only about ‘Uni’ students and those with athletic prowess. We are here for all young ‘individuals’ who would like to improve their personal health and wellbeing. You may just be looking for a bit of inspiration to help change your dietary habits, to gain a better understanding of a topic or simply find what might work for you. We welcome any questions that you may have no matter what your current level or situation is, we will then try to highlight these issues through our monthly ‘Q+A’ Forum to share with and help others who use the site. The more knowledge and enthusiasm we can share and pass on to our friends and family, the better for everyone! 


We also work with schools and colleges in promoting nutritional wellbeing - so if you’d like to know more about our tailored packages for Key Stages 1 through to 5 do get in touch.


I really hope you find Uni-trition helpful in developing a better, healthier lifestyle for yourself.


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Founder, Uni-trition


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